In Norway, where the winters are long and the days are very short, we invented a way to stay happy in our down time a long long time ago The Nuravana is seat meant to bring a woman pleasure while she pleasures her man. In Norway we call that blasenfest. Scandanavian designers have added the perfect amount of vibration to make our women pray for a late spring. Nuravana. Scandanavian sex machine, now available in the US.

Americans spend their winters in Florida, Norwegians spend them in Nuravana.



The Sybian sex saddle was invented in the 1970s and has had very few updates since.Their patent expired 25 years later and they now have plenty of competition from companies making the exact same thing like Motorbunny, theTremor and Ridethecowgirl. Nuravana is the first sex saddle that to offer something truly unique and better.